Some like it NOIR

A three-stringed electric guitar with a bass string, played with a bottleneck slide – how is that supposed to sound? Pretty cool if you ask (and listen to) Sky Blue Skin.

The band creates an intensely atmospheric and highly seductive sonic world – their very own brand

of hypnotic alternative rock with a grungy twist.

The name Sky Blue Skin comes from the title of a demo by Jeff Buckley, one of singer-songwriter

Olivia Solner’s favorite artists. She introduced her then-solo project named after the then-unreleased song in 2014, releasing self-produced music and videos at first and then making her live debut under this moniker in 2016. Following acclaimed solo performances, she embarked on finding a bandmate

in late 2016 and met highly talented drummer Vinzent Kusche.

With regards to her musical approach, Olivia says:

“I’ve always been attracted to the sound of the slide guitar, so it  was only natural for me to play it. To me, creativity is an ever-evolving process of exploring and expressing your inner world. It’s a constant shaping and refinement of your very own artistic vision that only you can bring to life.


Her uncompromising attitude finds a strong visual representation in the music videos with their dreamy, surreal retro look.

The band’s first EP (released June 1, 2018) features new member Jakob Heeren on keyboard, whose clever, understated playing complements the open tuned electric guitar and spacious drums perfectly. The EP, featuring four songs written by Olivia, has an alluring "rock noir" feel to it, fueled by her confident vocals that meander from unapologetically powerful to silky-smooth with graceful ease. Infused with gritty blues elements, the music always maintains its minimal approach thanks to the drums’ subtle dynamics and the elecric organ’s carefully crafted harmonies.

The latest single entitled “Haunted” (out October 31, 2020) continues their dark, eerily beautiful sonic aesthetic and hints at bigger and bolder things to come.